Why Christians Make Great Designers
Many designers can empathize, regardless of their creed. We, as believers, should know that we have access to a supernatural...
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One Week at a Christian College
What’s it like to attend a Christian college? Here’s what a Crown College student’s typical week looks like.
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8 ways to save money during college (while still enjoying life to the full)
Looking for ways to save more money while still enjoying college life? Let Crown College show you 8 ways to...
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Why Christian Education is Still Valuable
Christian education covers the topics of liberal arts and goes deeper into what life and success look like when modeled...
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Why Does College Cost So Much?
There are a few aspects involved in college cost, and Crown’s Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing, Mike Price, breaks...
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Story of “The Nook”
Students christened the diner-esque place “The Nook,” a space where coffee and conversation flowed indefinitely.
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