Why Christians Make Great Designers
Many designers can empathize, regardless of their creed. We, as believers, should know that we have access to a supernatural...
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What Brazilian Soccer Players Can Teach Us About Building Effective Church-Planters
Training church-planters and training soccer players may have more in common than you’d think. We dive into Dr. Alex Zell's...
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What is an LMS?
What is a Learning Management System, and why is it important for online students? Explore the ins and outs of...
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Education as a Tool, Not a Key
The workforce is demanding individuals with both highly practical skill sets and broader communication skills. This is how you should...
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The Right Way to Take Digital Notes for College
There are quite a few staples of college learning. Two particular skills that you will continuously use are reading and...
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How to Pick a Digital Filing Cabinet for College Note Taking
Digital filing system is a useful way for your college note-taking, but there are multiple options available. Here's the tip...
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